Reviews of our Yellowstone Private Tours & Jackson Hole Fishing Trips

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What an experience, we explored Grand Teton and Yellowstone Wolf Tour with Greg. Greg knew all the places to take us, we saw the beauty of the landscape and saw the animals in their natural habitat. We enjoyed every minute of this experience and Greg was an amazing host, who always ensured we were experiencing everything on our list!

Greg’s life long experience in Jackson Hole, the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park was invaluable to my wife and me as we listened to his stories, marveled at his knowledge, and enjoyed the hidden gems he showed us away from the tourists and traffic. Greg’s attention to detail was evident in everything… preferences for snacks, picnic sites, wildlife photography, and travel comforts. If you are looking for a comfortable, private tour experience, Greg is your guy!

Hi Greg!

You gave my family and I a Yellowstone tour in August of 2020. I absolutely fell in love with the area and would like to return… I’d love to book another tour with you as our guide.

Tammy S.

Visitors on Wyoming WIldlife Tour

Hi Greg!

Remembering the fun and good times just a few weeks ago. You made the trip memorable, and without you we would not have seen 399 and the Cubs!

Cathy and family

I wanted to personally thank you for an incredible journey this week- wow! What an awakening it was to expose our kids (and ourselves) to the world of Wyoming!

Chasing down 399 and her cubs, watching wolves, spotting buffalo in parking lots, and exploring nature with you was an incredible experience that we will never forget. I can’t thank you enough for revealing this heaven to us.

On top of it all, we got to know an incredible man who has changed the way we look at the world. Evidence – I bought my first pair of cowboy boots today (and wore them!), and my daughter actually REQUESTED we play the, “cowboy song that Greg was playing”!!

Thank you again for everything! I hope you know what a difference you’ve made in our lives. We look forward to enjoying your company again in the future.

Jenna and Bobby

My friends and I booked a private Winter Safari with Greg this past December and it was incredible! Greg is an expert on the Jackson wildlife, history and terrain. He shared amazing information and was a true pleasure to spend the day with! This is a MUST for anyone visiting the area!

We only had one day to spend in Yellowstone in August and wanted to maximize our time there. We booked a tour with Greg and it was an excellent choice. He is knowledgeable about the park and surrounding areas. He has great stories, excellent equipment to use for wildlife viewing and he knows where to find the animals! We had a wonderful time, saw great sites and wildlife. He is flexible and willing to tailor your tour to meet your needs. We can’t wait to book a winter wolf tour with him!

We took a rather large group on our adventure through Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Greg’s knowledge of the parks was phenomenal. His patience with our large group was appreciated and we enjoyed our day with him very much. Greg’s personality is perfect for what he does. He has a way of making you feel like family.

Greg is outstanding! His read and knowledge on the land and on the animals is unbelievable. We have now been up to him 3 times. The 1st was in May for a Yellowstone tour. My husband said he had been to Yellowstone once before w his family and did the big guided bus tour. After spending the day with Greg he said he couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed Yellowstone in comparison to his first time. Greg’s interactive and story telling approach is for all ages. He absolutely magical and I recommend that if you experience this area thru him you wont forget it. I have done his winter wolf trip with my daughter and her best friend and then back again for summer fishing w my son. We will be back again in may, we still need to see the bears and he knows how to find them! Priceless memories and excited to make more!

Thanks for a lovely day!  We enjoyed the beautiful day, and the wonderful wildlife we saw.  It was such a pleasure to meet you, and to share some of your amazing experiences.  You made us feel so comfortable, and you had planned for any, and all possible needs and wants throughout the day. Thanks for the kind words, regarding my son.  One day at a time. All the best for a fabulous summer!

We had a perfect day with Greg. He picked us up right on time at our hotel for an all day Grand Teton wildlife Tour. Not only did we see elk, moose, buffalo, big horn sheep but Greg also was extremely professional and we were able to learn a tremendous amount about the Tetons and Yellowstone that we would not have know about had we tried to do this by ourselves. We would very highly recommend Greg and if we are ever fortunate to return Greg would be our first choice to book another tour with.
Craig, Connecticut

We had a great time on winter tour of Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons under the very able guidance of Greg Fauk. Prior to arrival, Greg corresponded with us and ascertained a clear idea regarding our priorities around our trip. Greg knew both parks like as own back yard, and knew exactly where to find the somewhat reclusive animals we wanted to see and photograph. Greg always took care to ensure we captured the best photographs, and was very knowledgeable regarding the various animals, history of both parks, and other details. Finally, Greg made sure we were well fed and comfortable every one of the three days we spent with another. Thanks for a great outdoor adventure!
Mark, New York

We had a great 3 days with Greg exploring the winter wildlife. He is very knowledgeable and clearly loves sharing his knowledge with others. We saw so many animals and we have wonderful photos to remember our time in this winter wonderland. Thank you, Greg.
Joe, New York

The first time we vacationed in Yellowstone and the Tetons was in 2006. We hired Greg for the Teton Tour and the floating tour on the Snake River. You could not have a better tour guide, who has since become a friend of ours. In 2007, we returned and we did the 2-day wolf tour with Greg. Since 2013 until this year, 2018, we have returned to the Tetons/Yellowstone and surrounding areas every year, and each year, we always take a tour with Greg. Greg has taken us everywhere, including places we never would have found on our own. Most of the time we visit in the fall; a couple times we visited the area in the spring. Greg has taken us to places off the beaten path since we keep returning! One year, we visited in the winter and that sure was an experience. There is a video of the bison on the road with us which Greg filmed (Jan. 2014) while we were with him, along with Antelope crossing the River. You really could not ask for a better tour guide. He is the best as far as we area concerned. He takes care of everything for you. He will take his time and stop wherever you want to stop and spend more time in any area you prefer. In 2015, we were with Greg the first time we saw Bear 610 up close – that sure was exciting! We then saw Bear 399, but at a distance. This year, Greg took us out to the Wind River Reservation area since we never were out that way. We actually saw 2 wolves alongside the road! Greg was totally surprised at seeing those wolves!!! We have known Greg for 12 years and we can highly recommend him to everyone. We normally don’t go on tours, but because Greg is so good at what he does, we have (and will in the future) continue to take at least one tour with him each time we return. You will never regret hiring Greg for your tours. He does not rush you through his tours and it is very obvious that he really enjoys what he does.
Nancy, New Jersey

Outstandingly excellent tours of Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks wildlife and scenery. Highly recommended.
Gregory Smith, New Hampshire

Thank you for an amazing day on the Snake River, Greg! Between the moose and the many bald Eagles you managed to help us snag our first trout on fly rods. It was perfect and you are a perfect guide. We can’t wait to come back for another adventure!
Austin Cowan, Utah

We took a two day trip into the Lamar and Hayden Valley with Greg. Our mission was to see wolves. On our first day Greg spotted three wolves in Lamar and the safari became very thrilling. We would have never been able to see these magnificent animals without Greg’s keen instinct and knowledge of the terrain. It was truly a dream come true. On the following day we were rewarded with buffalo, elk, antelope, mountain goats, bears, and golden eagles. Greg took good care of us in his comfortable SUV. He provided binoculars and spotting scopes and treated us to great sandwiches, beverages and snacks along the way. Everything was taken care of and in total comfort. We only wished we could have spent more time with Greg. That is for next time. Thank you for making the wolf safari a memorable event in our life.  
Helga Klynn, Arizona

I want to thank you for what was one of the best 2 days I could have asked for. I know the wind, my skill level etc. had their frustrations, but besides catching a lot of trout, I achieved beyond my wildest hopes in learning about fishing. I learned more in 2 days than I had in over a decade of fly fishing, Thank you !!! I will be in touch about a Feb/March wolf trip. Thank you again.  
Bill Metcalfe, Minnesota

If you have even the smallest sense of adventure and a heart for the beauty of nature as found in Yellowstone National Park, then you need to contact Greg Falk and plan a trip with him as your guide. You cannot find a more informed, interesting, and thoughtful person to direct your time in this gorgeous area of the US. We have been blessed to travel with him on three occasions and cannot say enough good things about the experience. Come on now, start thinking summer, fall, and even winter in Yellowstone.

— Christine Johnston, New Jersey

Greg, Just a quick note to say thanks again for the great time in Yellowstone. It was a wonderful couple of days that will never be forgotten. In fact, if the lord is willing, I will return with my wife Lana and my older son Tyler. Problem with bringing Tyler is that he will want to sign up to be one of your helpers and I will never see him again ! He has always wanted to move out west! We will be booking a fishing trip this summer for sure, then I can take Lana into the park also. Did you say that the best fishing is August? Hopefully Harry forwarded you some of his pictures! I shared the C.D.’s we bought with Lana the evening we got home. You should have seen our dogs watching the big screen.! When the wolves were howling, Tyler’s Rottweiler joined right in with the most wolf like howl you would ever want to hear! It was hysterical ! He watched the hunting scenes intently, like he was going to jump right in there ! Pretty cool ! Again, thanks for the hospitality, and we look forward to going fishing this summer!

— Mike Wren, Ohio

Hi Greg, Just wanted to thank you again and let you know that Tony and I really had a great and exciting time during the 3 days we spent with you in the beginning of January. As you know, we usually travel in the fall, but since this was our 25th “meeting” anniversary, we wanted to do something special. Since we have wanted to see Yellowstone and the Tetons in the winter, we decided to contact you and we are so glad that we did. We had a great time with you on previous trips and we knew this time would be great also. It was so exciting seeing the wolves thru your spotting scope, along with all the other wildlife that were out on the road! The Bison on the road in their large numbers were beautiful to see – although a bit unnerving when they got close to the vehicle! You helped make our 25th anniversary really special and memorable. You are, by far, one of the best guides around! We look forward to going another safari with you in the Tetons when Bears 399 and 610 (and their cubs) come out! Don’t forget to let me know what is happening with Bears 399 and 610. I am determined to see them. If we are able to come out in the spring or the fall, I will definitely let you know. Our 5th wedding anniversary is in October, so if we don’t come out in the spring, we’ll try and come out in the fall. Seeing those bears sure would make our 5th wedding anniversary extra special! I HAVE TO SEE THOSE BEARS! Take care and I hope we can book another adventure with you this year!

— Nancy Reider-Zuvich

Jackson has always been a town of intrigue to me. After spending two days with Greg, I left in awe. Day one, Greg had me within a stone’s throw of a grizzly, herds of elk, antelope, eagles and the list goes on. Day two, the Snake River. Breathtaking. The fishing was great but even better was having a seasoned guide at my side. I can say I grew as a fisherman that day. Greg’s patience shows as a riverman, fisherman and a gentleman. Listening to his ” out in the wild” stories enriched my spirit. My short time with Greg felt as though my cup ran over with fulfillment. I can’t wait for the next adventure. Thanks Greg!

— Erik McKinney, Utah

Greg, We had an awesome time the two days we spent with you!!! We would never have known where to go to find all the wildlife we saw at both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Thank you very much for your time spent with us and the great lunches!! We all feel we have made a true friend in Wyoming.

— Juanita Evelyn Pack, Maryland

Thank you very much for the great wildlife Excursion and for the great experience. We had so much fun. I’m very excited for mid-June and to see and talk to you again. So we must arrange this soon. Thank you for the fun we had. Talk to you later.

— Hayden Hassinger (9 years old), Wyoming

Thank you for making the day so fun and for being patient with Hayden. He had an absolutely fantastic time and so did I. It was a pleasure getting to meet you and spend the day learning from you. You’re a good man – looking forward to another trip soon.

— Wayne Hassinger, Wyoming

Hi Greg, sharing my thoughts on our trip with you. Well there were 8 of us old Aussie girls who had the most fabulous time with Greg of Upstream Anglers. We did a two day safari trip and we saw nearly every animal possible in Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. Greg was very professional and so friendly and nothing was too much trouble for him to make sure we had a super time. We came away from this trip knowing we had made a lifetime friend in Greg although I dont know how he wasnt deaf at the end of the trip as 8 women talking is rather noisy especially Australian ones! Thanks Greg we had the bestest time.

— Lorri Mansell and Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia

I, along with my 13 year old son got the opportunity to be guided by Greg of Upstream Angler’s. His warmth, charm, enthusiasm and knowledge really impressed me. My son and I got the opportunity to float with him again approx 9 years ago. He then guided me for three days Sept. 2011. What wonderful experiences those were. This man’s enthusiasm and appreciation guide you on an adventure.I highly recommend him to anyone.

— Dick Leir, South Dakota

My wife and I went on a tour of the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park with Greg. Greg was very pleasant and informative. He took us in a Chevrolet Suburban. He had drinks and snacks available. Greg took us to the famous places and to out of the way places that were great to see. Greg was patient and allowed us time to take pictures. I recommend Greg without reservations. I wish we had the time to go on the wolf tour with him in Yellowstone. We will certainly go with again when we are on vacation in that area.

— Calvin Harkins, Oklahoma

About 4 years ago, Ellie and I, spent two wonderful days and one night riding through the Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone.We had a wonderful lunch and drove in a comfortable Jeep from the South of Yellowstone to the North. In the evenings we enjoyed the trendy town of Jackson Hole, amidst numerous elk antlers shed from them coming into town…We had a wonderful dinner in a remote town in Montana and early the next morning we followed a wildlife tracker to catch priceless views and pictures of wolves in the wild…We snapped pictures of buffalo’s that were close enough to touch; saw bears frolicking by the side of the road and picked up a skull of an elk We heard of the history of Yellowstone and experienced the wonder of the geysers while receiving an education of it all through Greg, our guide, who has experienced the fabric of the wonder of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in a real life way…Unforgettable experience…so different from reading a tour book or info leaflet…He knew where to find the pictures and the experiences. We asked a million questions and learned so much from our guide and he seemed to enjoy all of them…Unforgettable experience…

— Gloria Brown, Massachusetts

In 2004, I retired as president of a small graduate school in Pennsylvania. As a retirement gift, my wife and I were given a wonderful week in Jackson Hole. One of the highlights of that week was a day of fishing on the Snake River with Mr. Greg Falk. My wife and I were newbies at flyfishing; we had just completed a fly fishing course and wanted to try our hand at fishing “out west”. It was our good fortune that those planning the trip for us contacted UpStream Anglers. It was a pleasure and honor meeting Greg who did his very best to give us a day’s adventure that we will remember all of our lives. We caught fish, enjoyed majestic scenery, and learned much more about fly fishing. Greg, was very patient, kind, and helpful to us. It didn’t take long to realize we were guided by a special man who loved what he was doing and enjoyed sharing with others. Thank you, Greg, for all your kindness to us. We still have a strong desire to return to Jackson Hole before we become too old to enjoy more fishing with you. Best wishes to you in all you do.

— Kirby and Carol Keller Myerstown, Pennsylvania