Scenic Floats

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Snake River Scenic Floats

Enjoy the majestic Teton views while searching for wildlife along the banks of the Snake River

Scenic Snake River Float Trip

Breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife

WHERE – Snake River – Jackson, Wyoming

EXPERIENCE – Join Upstream Anglers on a scenic float down the Snake River. This relaxing, gentle float trip is perfect for spotting the incredible wildlife of Jackson Hole and taking in the amazing scenery. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Tetons towering over the valley as we make our way down the river. As far as wildlife, you can expect to spot bald eagles, osprey, pelicans, great blue heron, ducks, geese and at certain times of the year, beaver, deer, elk and moose in their natural habitat.

The Snake River is an excellent place not only for fly fishing, but for scenery and wildlife viewing. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the sights along the river. Our 12-mile scenic float trips last 3-4 hours and include snacks, refreshments, and lunch depending on the time. Depending on your schedule, as well as the weather, we can leave in the early morning, afternoon or late afternoon. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what one of our scenic Snake River floats will be like and contact us today to book your trip.

12-mile scenic Snake River float trip
– Float trips are 3-4 hours long and we can leave in the early morning, afternoon, or late afternoon
– Snacks and refreshments
– Lunch on the river

Cameras are a must!

I want to thank you for what was one of the best 2 days I could have asked for. I know the wind, my skill level etc. had their frustrations, but besides catching a lot of trout, I achieved beyond my wildest hopes in learning about fishing. I learned more in 2 days than I had in over a decade of fly fishing, Thank you !!! I will be in touch about a Feb/March wolf trip. Thank you again.
Bill Metcalfe, Minnesotastars

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